Contributions to bursaries fund doctorate and post-doctoral research on a range of areas associated with Herculaneum, resulting in the publication of articles and books.  Reports are included regularly in the Society's Newsletters in the Members Area. Scholarships and bursaries funded by the Friends of Herculaneum Society include:

2006   Mantha Zarmakoupi, 'A Digital Reconstruction of the Villa of the Papyri with Virtual Reality Tour'
2008   Duncan Keenan-Jones, 'Tracing the Water Supply at Herculaneum'
    Ciro Montella, 'Aspects and Problems of Insula II at Herculaneum'
2009   Antonio Parisi, Edition of Herculaneum Papyrus 831
2010   Niki Savvides, 'Visitor Experience and Sustainable Conservation of Heavily Visited Archaeological Sites: The Case of Herculaneum'
2011   Maria Cristina Fimiani, awarded in conjunction with the Centro Internazionale per lo Studio dei Papiri Ercolanesi 'Marcello Gigante' for work on the Thesaurus Herculanensium Voluminum (online digitisation of the Herculaneum Papyri) and PHerc 1423 (Philodemus, On Rhetoric Book IV)
2012   Simona Formola, awarded in conjunction with the Centro Herculaneum for work on pre-Roman Herculaneum
2013   Sarah Hendricks, working on the Latin papyri at Herculaneum
    Gertjan Verhasselt, working on the fragments of the Peripatetic philosopher Dicaearchus in the Herculaneum papyri
    Federica Nicolardi, for work on the reconstruction of Philodemus, On Rhetoric Book I
2014   Maria Luigia Bonaschi, working on the history of conservation at Herculaneum, particularly under Amedeo Maiuri
2016   Stefano Napolitano, working on Herculaneum Papyrus 990 (Epicurus, On Nature)
    Sergio Carrelli, for work on the digitisation of all historic catalogues of the Herculaneum Papyri

Claire Weiss, for study of the urban geography of Herculaneum, particularly the use of the pavements

2019   Marzia D'Angelo, for her project "A New Theological Work by Philodemus of Gadara in the Herculaneum Library.  A Systematic Study of PHerc. 89/1383 (Philodemus, Opus Incertum, ὑποµνηµατικόν)"
    Aude Durand, for her project "«Bonus deus hic habitat in domo Acti» (CIL, IV, 8417): Religious Practices of Craftsmen and Traders in Herculaneum and Other Sites in the Bay of Naples."
2021   Alessia Lavorante, edition of PHerc 1413, Epicurus On Time 
2023   Adam Bracchi, for his project "Displays of Wealth in Late Republican Italy"
2023   Roberto Melfi, for his project "M. Nonius Balbus and the Trade in Cretan Wine at Herculaneum" 

The Society has also provided financial support for the publication of D. Delattre's edition of Philodemus, On Music Book IV.