What We Do


The Friends of Herculaneum Society[1] (FHS) works actively in three areas:   

  1. Public Education: The FHS raises public awareness and increases public education about Herculaneum, its history and the ongoing issues associated with excavating and conserving the site;
  2. Research and Scholarship: the FHS promotes research into all aspects of Herculaneum, including the continued investigation of the Villa of the Papyri and the publication of the results of research; and
  3. Conservation: The FHS supports the conversation of the artefacts and buildings at Herculaneum for the benefit of the public now and in the future.


[1] As of 30 April 2015 the Friends of Herculaneum Society, formerly Registered Charity number 1107134, has merged with the incorporated Herculaneum Society (Charity Registration number 1104632; Registered Company number 05153841). The Friends of Herculaneum Society is the name of the body of non-voting members of the Herculaneum Society. The Trustees of the Herculaneum Society are:
Prof. Daniel Delattre (CNRS, Paris); Prof. Robert Fowler (University of  Bristol);  Mr Kevin Lavery (London); Dr Dirk Obbink (University of Oxford); Ms Carol Ann Scott (Greenwich); Ms Kate Starling (London); Mr Nigel Wilson (University of Oxford).