Education Programme

One of the Society’s newer ventures is a fund-raising campaign to raise €65,000 (approx. £53,000) to fund an Education Officer to work at Herculaneum. This position would liaise with schools to arrange their visits, oversee the development of educational materials and provide tours of the site for student visitors. Owing to reductions in staff in recent years, many excellent opportunities to raise awareness of Herculaneum are having to be passed up. 

The campaign to date has raised a total of £17,500. We would like to acknowledge with particular gratitude the generous donations of Mr Roger Michel and Mr Philip Hooker. Your donation can help us reach the goal, and ensure that thousands of others learn about Herculaneum.    

It is envisaged that the position will become self-supporting after two years of initial seeding money provided by the Society. For a description of the post, click here.