The 1800 scrolls recovered from the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum is the only library from the ancient world to survive into the modern era.

The Society helps fund an ongoing programme of research into the interpretation and conservation of the Papyri.

Unrolling the scrolls is a difficult and problematic process, but new developments in computer imaging techniques such as those developed at Brigham Young University mean that previously invisible text can be deciphered. Tantalisingly, more scrolls may still remain in the unexcavated portion of the Villa, which was revealed in the 1990s to be larger than previously thought.

Work on deciphering these texts is part of the work that the Society funds through generous donations from the public and private funders. For more details, please click here.













A Herculaneum papyrus charred by the volcano. Greek letters can barely be discerned.